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Saturday, July 21, 2018

“Trumpian Economics”: The Good and the Bad

Consumer confidence has risen since Donald Trump was elected, but is this a real gauge of how effective his economic plan will be?

Carryn Owens, A Symbol of Nationwide Unity

After the success of our 45th President’s first joint address to congress, Petty Officer Ryan Owen's widow has become a nationwide symbol that shows us members of both parties just might be able to coalesce after all.

Trump Blows the Left Out

"It has become clear that the Left has hitched its wagon to the possibility of president Trump failing at his job."

BLM Speaker Labels Trump “A Disgusting And Terrible Human” During University...

Tuition-paying parents, donors, alumni and students helped to fund $5,000 for Shaun King's speech and appearance on our campus.

TCU Students Travel To Washington, D.C. For Annual Conservative Conference

CPAC– or as some people like to call it: Conservative Heaven

The “Glass Ceiling”: Consider It Shattered

The Glass Ceiling has definitely been shattered–and it wasn't Hillary's doing.

What Can We Expect From Trump’s Address?

Overall, expect a good show.

Washington State Court Rules Against Floral Shop In Religious Liberty Suit

"Is it really necessary to make a public example of people with traditional views on marriage by imposing harsh penalties on them?"

4 Reasons TCU Should Allow Campus Carry

"I have faith in my fellow students to responsibly carry a firearm. It would be nice if our university did too."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Puts NFL In Its Place

The NFL needs to concentrate on playing football and get the heck out of politics