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Sunday, March 18, 2018

TCU Students Can Now Earn An “Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate”

Yes–you read that right. TCU students can now be awarded a certificate for "including" people.

Exclusive: The Freedom Frog Sits Down With Conservative Icon Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes sits down with The Freedom Frog for an exclusive interview

Leftists Attack Vice President’s Marriage

The Left is going nuts over Vice President and Second Lady Pence’s marriage

TCU Students For Life Volunteer at Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Four members of the TCU Students for Life group spent their morning creating over 100 Easter gift bags for pregnant mothers at the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center on Saturday.

TCU Students Of Color Coalition Holds ‘White Privilege’ Discussion

The TCU Students of Color Coalition, the group behind the list of demands released last semester, held a discussion titled "White Privilege? It's Debatable".

TCU YAF To Host Steve Forbes For Pro-Capitalism Speech

"Forbes's speech will provide an opportunity for students to hear a thought-provoking viewpoint who encourages individuals to seek the truth."

Actually, Jesus Christ Was Not a Socialist or Communist

"Jesus was the furthest thing from an old-time Bernie fan."

Four Dead in London Terror Attack

"Masood drove the car along the sidewalk taking out pedestrians until he crashed into a fence near the Houses of Parliament."

Proposed Bill Aims to Protect Texas Employees from Political Discrimination

House Bill 2787 aims to protect employees from being fired for expressing their political beliefs outside of the workplace.

Abortion Is Not A Right

"The fact of the matter is that taking that life is nobody’s right. It is not okay to murder another human being for convenience."