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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Unity Following Virginia Shooting: We’re All In This Together

On a day like yesterday, we should all call that someone we are close to whom we disagree with politically and tell them we love them. We are all in this together. Only together will we rise up, promote the common good, and make significant progress.

Texas Will Soon Become One Of 47 States To Ban Texting...

Last year alone there were 3,773 deaths on Texas roadways

This Day In History: Ronald Reagan’s Speech At Brandenburg Gate

Thirty years later, Reagan's eloquent words are still relevant: “There is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds.”

The Paris Climate Agreement And Climate Change: The Next Step

"We did not need to be a part of a flawed agreement when we joined last year, nor do we now. We have the tools to make strides environmentally all on our own."

What Are The Freedom Frog Staff Members Up To This Summer?

FF staff are working and interning all around the country this summer!

Millennials Must Do Better

"By walking out on their school and their Vice President, these Notre Dame students walked out on the chance to learn and grow"

Since When Has Fat-Shaming Become A Partisan Issue?

SNL has made it clear: Conservative women are fair game.

Men, Please Hold the Door: The Problem With The Modern Feminist...

"To men, I want to apologize. I believe you when you say you’re opening the door out of the kindness and respect."

TCU Student Body Presidential Candidate Michael McCluskey Vows To Give Conservative...

“We’re going to make sure that everyone is represented fairly and equally.”

Sec. Of Education Withdraws Failed Student Loan Directives

DeVos to bring changes to failing student loan repayment system