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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 11th: A Day of Remembrance and Prayer

"Given the widening political division in our country, we have to remind ourselves that as Americans we have the obligation to never forget the lives that were lost on this tragic day and the families who still grieve the loss of their loved ones."

What is DACA and What Does President Trump’s Rescission Decision Really...

"Let us no longer put a Band-Aid over the bullet hole wound of immigration and instead stitch it up properly."

TCU Releases Statement on Trump’s DACA Elimination

TCU's Chancellor sent a campus-wide email urging students and faculty to "engage in the legislative process in ways that are personally meaningful and that align with the University’s mission."

The Freedom Frog and College Republicans Holding Donation Drive for Hurricane...

We will be collecting donations of new/gently used clothing, toiletries, and nonperishables in the BLUU Auditorium on August 30th from 7:30-9:30 PM

Conservative Students On College Campuses–You Are Not Alone

"Organizations on campus are here to support all the conservative students, to know not to be afraid. We are here with you, and we confidently speak out with our beliefs."

TCU To Host “Scientist” Bill Nye For Honors College Speaking Event

Is this where tuition dollars are going?

ESPN Is Turning Away Its Conservative Viewers, But These Sportscasters Won’t

If we are going to devote part of our day to a podcast or television show, it might as well be one based on original thought that is free of liberal dogma. Here are some commentators with refreshing takes.

One Year Later: Remembering The Fallen Dallas Officers

Let us remember July 7, 2016 by remembering those whose lives were lost and forever being grateful to those who are still holding the front lines in our cities today.

Seattle’s Gun Regulation Disguised As A “Tax”

"The gun tax, an obvious form of regulation, is failing. This comes as no surprise to gun-rights groups who understand the facts—gun regulation only takes away guns from good people."

Unity Following Virginia Shooting: We’re All In This Together

On a day like yesterday, we should all call that someone we are close to whom we disagree with politically and tell them we love them. We are all in this together. Only together will we rise up, promote the common good, and make significant progress.