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Friday, October 20, 2017

What Are The Freedom Frog Staff Members Up To This Summer?

FF staff are working and interning all around the country this summer!

Millennials Must Do Better

"By walking out on their school and their Vice President, these Notre Dame students walked out on the chance to learn and grow"

Since When Has Fat-Shaming Become A Partisan Issue?

SNL has made it clear: Conservative women are fair game.

Men, Please Hold the Door: The Problem With The Modern Feminist...

"To men, I want to apologize. I believe you when you say you’re opening the door out of the kindness and respect."

TCU Student Body Presidential Candidate Michael McCluskey Vows To Give Conservative...

“We’re going to make sure that everyone is represented fairly and equally.”

Sec. Of Education Withdraws Failed Student Loan Directives

DeVos to bring changes to failing student loan repayment system

Trump Signs Bill Allowing States To Defund Planned Parenthood

Many of the American people, including a number of elected officials, consider this a victory for the pro-life movement.

Conflict In Syria: Why Trump’s Missile Strike Missed The Point

In order to maintain some level of stability, avoid complete chaos, and to prevent several opposing factions from emerging, it is necessary for certain world regions to be under a dictator's control.