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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rising Reaganomics in Today’s Trumponomics

"Could we be seeing a rise of Reagan's economic legacy through Trump?"

Tragedy in Las Vegas

As a nation, we should stand as a united front on the road to recovery. 

TCU Holds “Cops And Conversations ” Event To Better Police And...

"Cops and Conversations is the perfect way to interact and build a relationship with the TCU Police Department and thank the officers for their service."

Breaking Down The NFL Protests: How Sports Became Politicalized

"Sports need to stay as sports."

“Journaprenuers” Find Newfound Success in Media

"While non-bias news is the main goal of the news system as a whole, there is still ample room for opinion writing and opinion commentating"

Take a Stand, Not a Knee

"I am disappointed in the league and especially my team that is now making me choose between standing for my own beliefs and watching a football game."

I’m A Woman and I Reject The Modern Day Feminist Philosophy

A perspective from a millennial, conservative, Christian, anti-feminist young woman.

September 11th: A Day of Remembrance and Prayer

"Given the widening political division in our country, we have to remind ourselves that as Americans we have the obligation to never forget the lives that were lost on this tragic day and the families who still grieve the loss of their loved ones."

What is DACA and What Does President Trump’s Rescission Decision Really...

"Let us no longer put a Band-Aid over the bullet hole wound of immigration and instead stitch it up properly."

TCU Releases Statement on Trump’s DACA Elimination

TCU's Chancellor sent a campus-wide email urging students and faculty to "engage in the legislative process in ways that are personally meaningful and that align with the University’s mission."