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Mallory Stender

Mallory Stender is a senior Political Science major and is Co-President of the Young American's for Freedom chapter at TCU.

Why The Texas Church Shooting Is An Anti-2A Activist’s Worst Nightmare

The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

TCU Students Reach Out To Law Enforcement Community With “Coffee With Cops” Event

TCU College Republicans hope to get other political groups on campus involved in this campaign, working to prove that this issue is not a partisan one, but a cultural one.

Tragedy in Las Vegas

As a nation, we should stand as a united front on the road to recovery. 

Take a Stand, Not a Knee

"I am disappointed in the league and especially my team that is now making me choose between standing for my own beliefs and watching a football game."

What is DACA and What Does President Trump’s Rescission Decision Really Mean?

"Let us no longer put a Band-Aid over the bullet hole wound of immigration and instead stitch it up properly."

One Year Later: Remembering The Fallen Dallas Officers

Let us remember July 7, 2016 by remembering those whose lives were lost and forever being grateful to those who are still holding the front lines in our cities today.

Seattle’s Gun Regulation Disguised As A “Tax”

"The gun tax, an obvious form of regulation, is failing. This comes as no surprise to gun-rights groups who understand the facts—gun regulation only takes away guns from good people."

Texas Will Soon Become One Of 47 States To Ban Texting While Driving

Last year alone there were 3,773 deaths on Texas roadways

This Day In History: Ronald Reagan’s Speech At Brandenburg Gate

Thirty years later, Reagan's eloquent words are still relevant: “There is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds.”

Men, Please Hold the Door: The Problem With The Modern Feminist Movement

"To men, I want to apologize. I believe you when you say you’re opening the door out of the kindness and respect."