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Jack Wallace

Jack is a sophomore Journalism major, Film, Television, Digital Media minor from Atlanta, GA. He enjoys photography, writing, and playing basketball with friends. Go Frogs!

‘Change my Mind’ Makes Third Appearance on TCU’s Campus in 2018

Just a month after the first encounter with TCU students, conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder returned to campus to question the existence of...

Getting Louder with Crowder: The Man Behind the Campus Controversy

Best known for his YouTube content, fiery rants, and “Change my Mind” sets, Steven Crowder has become an internet sensation to the conservative youth...

Our Right Shall Not Be Infringed: Debunking The Gun Control Myths

"Both sides clearly want a solution to the problem of gun violence and innocent lives being taken, but until the veil of the anti-gun narrative is taken away, little progress can be made."

Facing the Reality of a Tragedy: The Epidemic of the American School Shooting

"Children are America’s future. It’s best we preserve that."

Breaking Down The NFL Protests: How Sports Became Politicalized

"Sports need to stay as sports."

“Journaprenuers” Find Newfound Success in Media

"While non-bias news is the main goal of the news system as a whole, there is still ample room for opinion writing and opinion commentating"