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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hannah Saffle

Hannah, a senior economics major at TCU, is the Political Director of TCU College Republicans.

This Week: Back the Blue Week at TCU

"We wanted to create a chance to show some appreciation for the work these men and women do on a daily basis for us"

Meet Our Officers: TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey

This week, meet TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey!

Meet Our Officers: TCU Police Sergeant David Loftis

"The TCU Police Department has TCU's back - the students, the faculty and staff, and the entire community at large. If we need anything, they are there for us in a heartbeat."

Sexual Assault: It Needs to Stop

To those accused that are guilty - it needs to stop. To those victims that are lying - you should have never started.

Rising Reaganomics in Today’s Trumponomics

"Could we be seeing a rise of Reagan's economic legacy through Trump?"

TCU Holds “Cops And Conversations ” Event To Better Police And Student Relationships

"Cops and Conversations is the perfect way to interact and build a relationship with the TCU Police Department and thank the officers for their service."

I’m A Woman and I Reject The Modern Day Feminist Philosophy

A perspective from a millennial, conservative, Christian, anti-feminist young woman.

Conservative Students On College Campuses–You Are Not Alone

"Organizations on campus are here to support all the conservative students, to know not to be afraid. We are here with you, and we confidently speak out with our beliefs."