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Cole Frederick

Cole Frederick graduated TCU in 2011 with a degree in entrepreneurial management. He is a co-founder of Peak Land Services, an oil and gas company which offices out of Fort Worth and Midland. He is a proponent of individualism and limited government.

ESPN Is Turning Away Its Conservative Viewers, But These Sportscasters Won’t

If we are going to devote part of our day to a podcast or television show, it might as well be one based on original thought that is free of liberal dogma. Here are some commentators with refreshing takes.

Conflict In Syria: Why Trump’s Missile Strike Missed The Point

In order to maintain some level of stability, avoid complete chaos, and to prevent several opposing factions from emerging, it is necessary for certain world regions to be under a dictator's control.

The Ineptitude Of The Media: News Deception and Government Overreach

"Rational-thinking Americans can in no way take the mainstream news organizations at their word."