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Annabel Scott

Annabel is a senior political science major at Texas Christian University. Her writing has been featured on The Daily Caller, CNSnews.com, Yahoo, and Fox Nation.

TCU To Host “Scientist” Bill Nye For Honors College Speaking Event

Is this where tuition dollars are going?

What Are The Freedom Frog Staff Members Up To This Summer?

FF staff are working and interning all around the country this summer!

Since When Has Fat-Shaming Become A Partisan Issue?

SNL has made it clear: Conservative women are fair game.

TCU Student Body Presidential Candidate Michael McCluskey Vows To Give Conservative Students A Voice

“We’re going to make sure that everyone is represented fairly and equally.”

TCU Students Can Now Earn An “Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate”

Yes–you read that right. TCU students can now be awarded a certificate for "including" people.

BLM Speaker Labels Trump “A Disgusting And Terrible Human” During University Funded “Unity” Speech

Tuition-paying parents, donors, alumni and students helped to fund $5,000 for Shaun King's speech and appearance on our campus.

TCU Students Travel To Washington, D.C. For Annual Conservative Conference

CPAC– or as some people like to call it: Conservative Heaven

The “Glass Ceiling”: Consider It Shattered

The Glass Ceiling has definitely been shattered–and it wasn't Hillary's doing.