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Our Founding

The Freedom Frog was created to preserve intellectual diversity and the free exchange of ideas on the Texas Christian University campus. 

Three TCU students disheartened by the one-sided biased coverage of campus and national news sought to offer an alternative perspective to the student body.  Under the common intent of providing honest content, rational analysis, and an alternative perspective to the campus news community, which seemingly lacks balanced discourse, The Freedom Frog was founded.

As the TCU university mission states, the free exchange of ideas is fundamental to being responsible citizens in the global community.  In order to combat the clear bias that is present on campus, the team at The Freedom Frog is dedicated to providing insight and commentary that has been neglected for far too long.

We are the only student-run and self-funded news source for the TCU community.


Mission Statement

The Freedom Frog offers an alternative perspective of campus and national news by providing honest content, intellectual diversity, and rational analysis for the Texas Christian University community.