Meet Our Officers: TCU Detective Christine Pratt

"Detective Pratt wants students to know she is available for them and loves working here at TCU."


Sitting next to TCU Police Detective Christine Pratt feels very comfortable. As the mother of two girls and caretaker of chickens, cows, and horses, she looks after a lot. Add that number to the ten thousand students and faculty of TCU and you could say she’s got her hands tied. Yet, she still has time to talk to two new freshmen students who want to interview her. She is not just a mother of all, but a badass.

Detective Pratt has been on the frontiers of police work. She has worked in a number of different departments at Fort Worth Police Department, including criminal investigations, major cases and major persons, shootings, and sexual assaults. She has seen a lot but has also had an interesting role. In 2011, police work changed. For the first time in Texas, police departments took DNA samples of rapists to provide hard evidence for victims and to aid cases. It was a groundbreaking moment where modern science changed police work. Houston PD was the first police department to take on this new scientific approach, and Fort Worth PD was the second. Detective Pratt, who worked on sexual assault cases at the time, was one of the first policewomen to apply this cutting-edge technology on the field in Texas.

When TCU asked Detective Pratt to work on campus, she gladly took the job. She says she was “not ready to stop working…I enjoyed the job.” She continued to give us advice, explaining that “as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll be good at it.” She has been working at TCU since November of 2016. Detective Pratt says she loves working at TCUPD because of the TCU student body and the staff she works with. “We over here, all the officers asked to come to TCU,” she remarked, “have personalities that act and stay positive.” Working with the other positive, friendly cops that were handpicked to come to TCU provide the uplifting work environment she thrives in.

When Detective Pratt and some of her co-workers are not on the job, they volunteer with Pipes and Drums. Pipes and Drums is a volunteer organization comprised of many Fort Worth area policemen and firefighters to honor the men and women who passed in the line of duty. The policemen and firefighters who participate dress in uniform, play taps, and march to honor the serviceman who died serving the nation. Detective Pratt pulls up a picture of her on Facebook in a kilt to show us what she does to honor our heroes. She explains how the servicemen who volunteer in their free time have a unique bond. “you don’t find that at a lot of other jobs.”

She and a few other police officers travel to Washington D.C. every year for the annual Pipes and Drums ceremony. She wears a TCU patch on her arm. One year, while escorting the families of the fallen heroes at the airport, a professor, teacher, and a parent noticed the TCU badge on her uniform and talked with her about it. Detective Pratt is happy to represent TCU nationwide while she honors the fallen. She is driven by the sacrifice these men and women have given all of us and wants to acknowledge it.

When asked what she wants the TCU student body to know about TCUPD is she wants “everyone to feel comfortable so they can walk up and approach us.” Detective Pratt remarks, “We have our own kids, and we don’t want anything bad to happen to y’all.”

Detective Pratt knows many college students are away from their parents and may not have many adults they can talk to personally, so she tries to be supportive. She shares a personal story of one TCU student she impacted, true to her word. After one case ended, one unidentified student came to talk to Detective Pratt in her office. The student talked about life back home and different realizations he or she had about life now. Detective Pratt talked with the student in her office for three hours, and the student invited her to one of the student’s extracurricular activities because of the impact she had on his or her life. Detective Pratt wants students to know she is available for them and loves working here at TCU. Her main goal is for TCU students to feel comfortable approaching her.

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