Meet Our Officers: TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey

This week, meet TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey!


TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey has been serving our campus for ten months. Before TCU, he served in local Police Departments for over 40 years. His experience includes being involved in Fort Worth’s Special Operations Division and the “Zero Tolerance” Special Response Team. These two units focus on street crimes by watching crime trends, predicting when and where crimes will happen, executing search warrants for narcotics, and following criminals into their crimes. Southey’s most memorable moments on the force include identifying suspects for kidnapping cases.

Officer Southey was ecstatic to begin working with TCU Police Department because the environment is family oriented. He said that although his transition was quite a change, he is happy serving and protecting our campus because he is able to “interact with different people, different situations, and different interests.”

Officer Southey explained that a handful of other TCU police officials have known each other since taking the same police academy classes, so they have worked together for their entire careers.

“This is not a department of people who could not make it somewhere else,” Officer Southey explained when discussing his fellow TCU PD officers. “35 of 40 officers with TCU came from the Fort Worth Police Department.”

TCU isn’t just Officer Southey’s place of work. His son graduated from TCU in 2005, making Officer Southey feel even more connected to our campus.

When he isn’t working hard to keep our campus safe, Officer Southey spends time on his hobby–classic cars. He has collection classic cars that he works on, and when he has the time, attends car shows. Part of his collection includes a 66 Mustang GT, 67 Pontiac Firebird, 77 Trans Am, and a few different Jeeps.  If you ever run into Officer Southey on campus, ask him about his collection, and you will make a new friend very quickly!

The “Meet Our Officers” article series is part of TCU College Republicans’ Back the Blue weeklong campaign. The article series is leading up to our Back the Blue Week, which will be hosted on campus from March 26th – March 28th. The week consists of a tabling event to spread the Back the Blue mood, Coffee with Cops, and the Back the Blue Barbecue Fundraiser for Assist the Officer Fort Worth.

Check it out at and email Campaign Manager, Hannah Saffle, at for more information.


  1. Thankful that Officer Southey is on the job. As a homeowner and resident for nearly 50 years, I welcome his service.

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