Meet Our Officers: TCU Police Sergeant David Loftis

"The TCU Police Department has TCU's back - the students, the faculty and staff, and the entire community at large. If we need anything, they are there for us in a heartbeat."


Before Sergeant Loftis began his new chapter with TCU Police Department, he served with Fort Worth Police Department for almost 30 years. During his time with FWPD, he experienced a variety of law enforcement positions. Sergeant Loftis experiences involve being a patrol officer, detective, working special operations in narcotics, and SWAT. He expressed how his most memorable moments with FWPD was during his time on SWAT, and his final position with FWPD before retiring was serving as SWAT Commander. After he retired, he transitioned into the TCU environment and has been one of our TCU Police Sergeants for 8 years.

Sergeant Loftis’s passion for law enforcement began at a young age, where he strived to gain new experiences and new challenges every day. Police work was certainly the perfect route for him. On the side, this family man enjoys outdoorsy and creative hobbies like bow hunting and woodworking.

Because Sergeant Loftis’s passion brought him to TCU, he emphasized how he loves to be around students and getting to know them. Sergeant Loftis stressed how “campus police can bridge the positive relationships between students and law enforcement, as we have more time than city police to develop those relationships.”

He continued to emphasize that the TCU Police Department has TCU’s back – the students, the faculty and staff, and the entire community at large. If we need anything, they are there for us in a heartbeat. Even in stressful times for students, if any of us need someone to talk to, Sergeant Loftis said that he and the other officers are more than willing to be there for us anytime we need support.

If you encounter Sergeant Loftis on campus, say hi to him and start a conversation! You’ll make a new friend in no time.

The “Meet Our Officers” article series is part of TCU College Republicans’ Back the Blue weeklong campaign. The article series is leading up to our Back the Blue Week, which will be hosted on campus from March 26th – March 28th. The week consists of a tabling event to spread the Back the Blue mood, Coffee with Cops, and the Back the Blue Barbecue Fundraiser for Assist the Officer Fort Worth.

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  1. It’s good to know someone like the Sergeant is watching over the students, especially my Grandson

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