“Journaprenuers” Find Newfound Success in Media

The Daily Wire helps lead the new push for entrepreneurship in journalism.


The Daily Wire is one of many new political journalism sites that uses entrepreneurship. Founded by political commentator and columnist Ben Shapiro in 2015, the site was meant to be one of less bias as he had just left Breitbart News, along with many others, in frustration over Steve Bannon. This departure was not left in good faith, so Shapiro would go on to found his own media website meant to focus more on delivering less bias news and sticking more to facts. He was also known to have a strong distaste for Donald Trump before the 2016 election and had a main complaint of Breitbart leaning too far in his favor.

Of course, to be truly entrepreneurial, one has to have some sort of business model to bring in new consumers for your company. Shapiro also hosts a podcast called “The Ben Shapiro Show”, which is self-described as the “fastest growing, hardest-hitting, most insightful, and savagely irreverent conservative podcast on the web”. It has premium subscription options of $9.99 a month or $99 a year, and both remove ads as well from The Daily Wire website.

This subscription method is able to make a decent profit from this system and it is clearly working. As of early August this year, Shapiro’s podcast reached second on all iTunes podcasts, behind only Oprah. This huge leap, especially by an openly and unapologetic political commentator, is surprising to many.

While having non-bias news is the main goal of the news system as a whole, there is still ample room for opinion writing and opinion commentating, especially if it is advertised as such. Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, and The Ben Shapiro Show are all blatantly conservative but still reach out to thousands upon thousands of viewers. Shapiro has flipped being a worker at a bigger online site to owning his own and starting a wildly successful podcast, both of which are earning healthy incomes through an ad and subscription system. Ben Shapiro has shown to be able to create this new media outlet to people using this wonderful and innovative sense of journalistic entrepreneurship, becoming a “journaprenuer” in his own right.