Conservative Students On College Campuses–You Are Not Alone

"Organizations on campus are here to support all the conservative students, to know not to be afraid. We are here with you, and we confidently speak out with our beliefs."


While the Bible only mentions the “fish” in a few books like Matthew and within the first five books of the Old Testament, there is no clear explanation of where the fish came from. Arguably, one of the most intriguing biblical facts is the origin of the fish symbol. However, it is not intriguing because it is a happy story, it is actually quite the opposite. The fish symbol comes from a story of fear. Early Christians were fearful of the Romans’ judgment. In that time, one was judged, beaten, and even killed for being a Christian, so they had to find one another in such a discrete way. When meeting a stranger a Christian would draw an ark or a curved line in the sand or dirt, representing half of a fish. If the stranger was a Christian as well, then they would respond by drawing the second ark – completing the whole fish. The two would then be assured that they are alike and they are not alone.

It is quite a shame that they had to hide their faith. The origin of the fish story dates back to thousands of years ago, and similar treatment of certain groups still stands today on college campuses.

College students that hold conservative beliefs face their own fear in a way that is smiliar to the early Christians. Many students are afraid to speak out against their liberal or progressive peers because some are afraid of facing judgment or condemnation by their fellow classmates or professors. Conservative college students on liberal campuses are drawing their own fish in the sand. Students will pick up on others’ discussions in classes and notice there is another conservative in the room. Sometimes they will notice a campaign sticker or product on their backpack and be comforted by that presence.

I would know, I was a discrete right-winged student at one point, but that quickly changed when I learned that I was far from alone on this campus. Sometimes if one is confident enough, they will go and introduce themselves to the other – they find one another in many different ways and learn they are not alone. However, all these ways are just as discrete as drawing an ark in the dirt. There is nothing wrong with someone that prefers to stay quiet, but sometimes others need a confidence booster.

Organizations on campus are here to support all the conservative students, to know not to be afraid. We are here with you, and we confidently speak out with our beliefs.

Organizations like TCU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom are on-campus groups that promote the confidence students should have when deciding if they belong to the conservative side of the political spectrum. While myself and the other members on the boards of these organizations are not sensitive to judgment or fear, many college conservatives and Republicans still are. As the Political Director of TCU College Republicans, I invite all conservative students to get involved with either of these organizations. It is time young Republicans to fight against that judgment and stop drawing their own arks because they are not alone.