TCU To Host “Scientist” Bill Nye For Honors College Speaking Event

Is this where tuition dollars are going?


Texas Christian University announced that they will be hosting TV personality Bill Nye as the speaker for the 2017 Fogelson Honors Forum.

Nye, who holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Cornell University, is commonly mistaken for a scientist. TCU’s webpage for the upcoming speaking event describes Nye as a “scientist, engineer, comedian, author and inventor”.

“Bill Nye…is a man with a mission: to help foster a scientifically literate society, to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work,” the event description reads.

Nye, although described as an “ambassador for science education” by TCU, has prioritized politics over facts on multiple occasions.

In his Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, Nye included a vulgar rap song titled, “My Sex Junk” sung by actress Rachel Bloom. The song’s chorus proclaims, “My sex junk is so much more than either/or,” inferring that there are more than two genders.

Here are some of the other lines included in the song:

  • “Versatile love may have some butt stuff. It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new. There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.”
  • “Sexuality’s a spectrum. Everyone is on it.”
  • “Drag queen, drag king. Just do what feels right”
  • “This world of ours is full of choice but must I choose between only John or Joyce?”

Nye described the explicit and sexually suggestive rap as “very special” and “cool” on his show.

Nye’s TV show also featured a cartoon depicting different sexual identities as different “flavors” of ice cream. A talking vanilla ice cream cone, meant to represent conventional heterosexuality and Christian values, attempts to convince the other ice cream flavors to “pretend” that they are also vanilla. The other ice cream flavor cartoons eventually convince the vanilla cone into taking part in an orgy involving every ice-cream flavor.

“We are of course enlightened and forward-thinking but not everyone sees it that way,” Nye said when introducing the cartoon. “But, there are lots of flavors to sexuality.”

In addition to pandering to society’s standards and labeling it as science, Nye has also had his fair share of bizarre and controversial opinions.

Nye, also on his Netflix show, suggested that in order to curtail climate change, people in the developed world who have “extra” children should be penalized.

“Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asked a panel member on his show.

When the panelist responded stating that law makers should consider punishing people for having multiple children, Nye responded saying, “Well, ‘at least consider it’ is like, ‘do it!’”

Nye, when asked about climate change–particualrly rhetoric such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s suggestion that some climate skeptics should be prosecuted as war criminals, said he isn’t opposed to jailing climate change deniers.

“Was it appropriate to jail the guys from Enron?” Nye asked Climate Depot’s Marc Morano. “We’ll see what happens. Was it appropriate to jail people from the cigarette industry who insisted that this addictive product was not addictive, and so on?”

“As a taxpayer and voter, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen,” Nye continued. “So I can see where people are very concerned about this, and they’re pursuing criminal investigations as well as engaging in discussions like this.”

In an interview with the LA Times, Nye also said that in order for climate science to advance, older people need to die.

“Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older. It’s generational. So we’re just going to have to wait for those people to “age out,” as they say,” said Nye. “Age out is a euphemism for die. But it’ll happen, I guarantee you — that’ll happen.”

In 2015 Nye told Huffington Post Live that he believes the terrorist attacks that were plaguing Paris at the time were a “result of climate change”.

“You can make a very reasonable argument that climate change is not that indirectly related to terrorism,” said Nye. “This is just the start of things. The more we let [climate change] go on, the more trouble there’s going to be.”

He continued on to say that Syria’s lack of water–which he attributes to climate change– has hurt the farming industry, forcing young people to turn to terrorism to make a living.

“Young people have gone to big cities looking for work. There’s not enough work for everybody, so the disaffected youths, as we say — the young people who don’t believe in the system, believe the system has failed, don’t believe in the economy — are more easily engaged and more easily recruited by terrorist organizations, and then they end up part way around the world in Paris shooting people,” Nye said.

The event, scheduled for Wednesday, October 25, sold out during the first ticket release, but another ticket release is scheduled for August 21st.