TCU Students Can Now Earn An “Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate”

Yes–you read that right. TCU students can now be awarded a certificate for "including" people.


Texas Christian University’s Chancellor, Victor Boschini, sent a campus-wide email Monday morning to inform students and faculty of the “progress” he believes the university has been making “to foster a campus climate that respects, values and supports the academic, social, and personal development of diverse faculty, staff and students.”

The chancellor began by stating that based on recommendations from colleagues on the ‘faculty senate’, the administration has “restructured the Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness Committee”, which he claims to be comprised of nearly two dozen members of key campus stakeholder groups.

“The DEI Committee will conduct a campus survey this fall to assess bias, identify barriers and review university programs and structures,” wrote the chancellor, not specifying what kind of bias or barriers the committee will focus on. “Survey results will provide further insight into diversity on our campus to ensure the environment we desire will allow everyone to thrive.”

Although the university has not made the list of the committee members available to the public, the minutes from the February Faculty Senate Meeting stated that the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness Committee “includes faculty, staff and both undergraduate and graduate students.”

According to TCU360, Aisha Torrey-Sawyer, a co-chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness Committee and Director of the TCU Neeley Academic Advising Center, attended a meeting last fall regarding the list of policies and programs that the Black Students and Allies of TCU demanded the university adopt.

The email continued, stating that the university has many other initiatives in place, including the “Gender Equity Committee”. Chancellor Boschini explained that this “longstanding” committee works to “review opportunities and challenges among our faculty.”

Finally, Chancellor Boschini introduced the newest addition to the university’s push for inclusiveness: the Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate.

Yes–you read that right. TCU students can now be awarded a certificate for “including” people.

The certificate, according to Chancellor Boschini, was created to “engage students in the scholarship of diversity, inclusion and community.”

“Our new Chief Inclusion Officer and Title IX Coordinator Dr. Darron Turner is working in tandem with these groups and will be responsible for helping to implement many of the approved recommendations that result from their efforts,” concluded Chancellor Boschini. “His responsibilities also include the creation of a dedicated team that will determine appropriate campus-wide response when acts of bias occur in our community.”

For those wondering what’s being done to combat the liberal bias and indoctrination that is so obviously present on our campus? Don’t count on the TCU administration to create a committee, certificate or participation trophy for conservative students anytime soon. But not to fear–The Freedom Frog has got you covered and the bias will not go unnoticed. #FreeTheFrog