4 Reasons TCU Should Allow Campus Carry

Dana Loesh shuts down common arguments from gun control enthusiasts


Senate Bill 11, passed through the Texas house and senate in 2015 and implemented in 2016, allowed the “carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education.”

Lucio Eastman/Wiki commons

Unfortunately, this bill did not apply to private universities in Texas. All private universities were given two options: opt-in or opt-out. TCU, as we remember all too well, chose to opt out of the Texas campus carry bill.

In a recent speech at the YAF conference in Dallas, newly appointed NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch reminds us why it is wrong for TCU to prevent students from protecting themselves.

  1. Gun control says the government, or in this case TCU, doesn’t trust you. It is about one thing—control. Gun laws, in fact, actually have racial roots that go all the way back to the Dred Scott case. They are meant to restrict and not to protect. I have faith in my fellow student to responsibly carry a firearm. It would be nice if our University did too.
  1. When you restrict one’s right to carry, it empowers the criminal not the innocent. The women of our campus should be able to protect themselves while walking at night, if they so choose. The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs published an article of things to do instead of shooting someone who is trying to assault them. It included ludicrous suggestions such as urinating or vomiting on oneself. The last thing women (or anyone for that matter) should do if someone is trying to attack is show signs of submission. As Loesch said, “truly empowered women don’t outsource their guns.”
  1. Europe, which proponents of gun control claim to be much more “peaceful” due to restrictive gun laws has school shootings just like America. When adjusted for population, countries like Finland, Switzerland, Norway and Slovakia actually rank higher in per-capita mass shootings. Even after total gun control, Finland had two school shootings in two years.  Gun laws aren’t going to stop potential shooters, but they do stop our potential saviors. I would feel much safer knowing my fellow frogs had the means to save just one life with concealed carry.
  1. In 2013 the CDC, directed by Barack Obama, conducted a study that discovered guns are “a great deterrent to criminal activity.” Are we surprised the media didn’t cover these findings more? In the report it states that an armed citizen is less likely to be injured by an attacker than by other protective strategies. TCU claims that cameras, emergency buttons, and their officers will protect us in case of an emergency, but sometimes all you have are seconds. Carrying protection that is guaranteed to make an attacker think twice might make criminals reconsider messing with our campus! After all, don’t horned frogs spit blood to protect themselves?