TCU Associate Dean and Professor Uses Personal Twitter To Brand Students As “Jackasses”


Last Thursday, many students at Texas Christian University gathered to protest President Trump’s recent executive order.

Many teachers either canceled class or encouraged their students to skip class in order to attend the “All Are Welcome Here March”. Despite the large turnout for the seemingly anti-Trump protest, there were some outliers in the crowd.

Harry Vincent, an infamous figure on TCU’s campus, attended the rally to show support for the recently elected president.

“I attended the protest with the goal of demonstrating that pro-Trump conservatives are not anti-immigration but merely want to place the safety of American citizens first,” said Vincent.

Despite Vincent’s peaceful presence at the protest, he was still was still sought out by the TCU student media for an interview. When Vincent and other conservative students respectfully declined because of TCU student media’s past of demeaning conservatives, the reporter left the scene.

Later that Thursday, the reporter that approached Mr. Vincent took to twitter to express her frustration with the interview denial.

A member of The Freedom Frog staff, frustrated with the clear bias surrounding the TCU student media department –particularly Politifrog, decided to chime in on the tweet.

After a brief twitter exchange documenting examples of past Poltifrog podcasts and TCU student media twitter harassment of Harry Vincent that has been occurring since the fall of 2016, Daxton “Chip” Stewart, Associate Dean of TCU’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication decided to chime in.

“It’s a badge of honor to be attacked by jackasses,” tweeted Stewart on Friday in response to the TCU media student attempting to defend the claims of her harassment of Vincent.

In addition to the tweet from the dean, TCU political science professor, Emily Farris, also chose to favorite Daxton’s tweet, showing support for his degradation of the TCU students involved in the twitter conversation.

Both TCU students and other Twitter users were shocked when informed that a “Media Law and Ethics” professor had used his personal twitter to attack students on his own campus.

After students and others in the Fort Worth community got wind of the Dean’s social media behavior, he decided to take to twitter–yet again, but this time he referred to certain TCU students as both a “troll army” as well as “snowflakes”.

What comes first? Professional behavior in the workplace and around students, or your right to free speech– or free “tweeting” that is.

Update 10:29am CT:

The TCU student media podcast discussing Mr. Vincent has been removed and Dr. Daxton Stewart has issued a public apology about his comments and all tweets regarding the matter have since been deleted from his profile.


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