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Monday, October 15, 2018

Getting Louder with Crowder: The Man Behind the Campus Controversy

Best known for his YouTube content, fiery rants, and “Change my Mind” sets, Steven Crowder has become an internet sensation to the conservative youth...

Why Companies Need To Stay Out of Politics

  Earlier this month, athletic company Nike released its new campaign ad with the phrase “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” with...

Chris Salcedo to Host Open Forum on Campus Thursday

Author, political analyst, and broadcaster Chris Salcedo will be hosting an open forum courtesy of TCU’s College Republicans this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in...

Our Right Shall Not Be Infringed: Debunking The Gun Control Myths

"Both sides clearly want a solution to the problem of gun violence and innocent lives being taken, but until the veil of the anti-gun narrative is taken away, little progress can be made."

Meet Our Officers: TCU Detective Christine Pratt

"Detective Pratt wants students to know she is available for them and loves working here at TCU."

This Week: Back the Blue Week at TCU

"We wanted to create a chance to show some appreciation for the work these men and women do on a daily basis for us"

Meet Our Officers: TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey

This week, meet TCU Police Officer Bruce Southey!

Meet Our Officers: TCU Police Sergeant David Loftis

"The TCU Police Department has TCU's back - the students, the faculty and staff, and the entire community at large. If we need anything, they are there for us in a heartbeat."

College Republicans Host Steven Crowder’s ‘Change My Mind’ On TCU’s Campus

Political commentator Steven Crowder filmed a new segment of his “Change My Mind” series at Texas Christian University on Friday

Facing the Reality of a Tragedy: The Epidemic of the American...

"Children are America’s future. It’s best we preserve that."